The Managers are appointed by the General Assembly and authorized to represent the Syndicate in its relations with third parties, also to carry out the day to day running of the Syndicate business by providing various technical services which include amongst other duties; underwriting, claims handling, bookkeeping, promoting and assure a proper functioning of the Syndicate in order to achieve its objectives.

The relationship between the Managers and the Syndicate is governed by a “Management Agreement”

Trust International Insurance & Reinsurance Co., B.S.C. (c) – “Trust Re” a professional reinsurer based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and known to be a regional expert in this special line of business, has been Managing the Syndicate since October 1998.


Trust International Insurance & Reinsurance Co., B.S.C. (c) – Trust Re.
Business Address: Trust Tower,
Building 125, Road 1702,
Diplomatic Area 317,
Manama – BAHRAIN
Postal Address: P.O. Box 10002
Telephone: + 973 17 571 171
Fax: + 973 17 531 586
Email: mail@trustre.com
Website: www.trustre.com
Office Hours: Sunday to Thursday 08:00 to 16:30 Hrs.
(Weekend: Friday & Saturday)
Public Holidays: 2024 Official Bank Holidays in Bahrain